Promoting Science | The Dow Chemical Company


Proposed as a learning tool to teach the Periodic Table of Elements in a more down-to-earth approach. Directed towards Jr. High and High School students, this learning tool is meant to engage and inspire students to get involved and potentially make science a career choice.

Exploring The Periodic Table of Elements

Using the mouse, the user interacts with the table controlling the finger. Movement of the table, finger and hand, person and background are independent planes to give depth and movement. Each element square highlights as you go over it.

Diving Into an Element

Each Element would be “owned” by a Dow scientist and become that element’s ambassador. Bookmarked video would comprise the main messaging with supporting graphics.

Making a Place for Teachers and Students with Chemistry T.A.

The Chemistry Teacher’s Assistant provides a powerful tool supporting teachers with a home for instructions and tasks to apply what they have learned from the PToE. This screen represents the home page for a Mr. Jones’ class.

This screen shows interaction with building a water molecule as part of discovering the first element, Hydrogen. This section provides an understanding of water.