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One of many pieces produced for this pitch, my groups’ concept revolves around the human touch and end benefit of living an healthy active lifestyle.

The story and imagery all feed into this notion while deviating from the normal doctor, device and patient imagery. Doctors know doctors and don’t need to see it - they live it. What they respond to is why they became a doctor in the first place.

Mood Video

This mood video was born out of the 12-page insert initially comped below.

Augmented Reality

Everyone want's to do it and it is soon becoming a faded novelty. The difference here is a real functional purpose—for demonstrating the ease of use and size relations of the transducer and reciever—giving the doctor a good sense of what to expect. Cards blown into publications and picked up at trade shows and conferences provide the icon without printing a page out.

Healthymagination Insert

Developed to push GE’s healthymagination initiative with nods to 4 keyproducts that ladder up to the notion of reducing costs, increase access and improve quality of healthcare available on a global scale.

A healthier world starts with healthy optimism.

We call it Healthymagination.

It’s about giving everyone in the world a better quality of life. And never before have we been more equipped to make that a reality. Sure it starts with good health and an active lifestyle, but our aim is to give global access to technology that allows all of us to live to the fullest.

It doesn’t end with simply spreading the word about these advancements, but the hope is to spread the technology itself so each person in every corner of the world can reap it’s benefits. Because better access to better  equipment saves our healthcare system money while we continue to save the lives of those within it.

It starts with making waves.

Copy: One way we’re breaking through is with a small, portable handheld ultra sound machine. It’s called the VSCAN and it saved Diana’s life during a routine physical. It’s why she can be here, with her daughter instead of a waiting room, a laboratory or waiting by the phone. About the size of a cell phone, it improves diagnosis accuracy by 70%. So Diana and her primary care physician were able to see the blockage together and begin treatment immediately.

It’s not a second opinion, it’s your opinion confirmed in seconds.

And puts life in perspective like never before.

We don’t have to ask what’s on Lori’s mind, we can tell just by glancing at her belly. And with the worlds first compact Volume Ultrasound system, it can be clearly illuminated throughout the duration of her pregnancy. After yet another miscarriage, she felt apprehensive entering into another pregnancy, but Lori’s doctor assured her that with the Voluson i, monitoring her progress regularly would be the easiest, non-invasive, most accurate way and put her mind at ease.

So less becomes more powerful.

Sometimes the biggest obstacles lead to our most glorious victories. Just ask Heidi, a breast cancer survivor. She refused to let her diagnosis dictate her lifestyle the lowest does radiation CT scan made it possible for her to carry on a somewhat normal routine during treatment.

The Discovery CT750hd offers 50% less radiation for full body scans and 83% less in heart scans. So Heidi and her daughter were comfortable knowing they wouldn’t have to continually expose her to radiation to find the solution. 

While finding ways to connect to what used to keep us worlds apart.

It doesn’t stop with one innovation. Developing new devices to improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis is just the beginning, but those results mean little if you don’t have a safe repository to access, analyze and interpret them.

Electronic Medical Records gives primary care physicians high tech, yet user-friendly software to store patient information and results. The portability and ease of sharing information with specialists and other healthcare personnel expedites the entire process and keeps important information safe and secure.

Our scope is global. Our goal is the same as yours.

A healthier world starts with each one of us living a healthy active lifestyle. Increasing access to new products and technologies make that easier to achieve than ever before. So when people like Diana, Lori and Heidi are faced with challenges, we are always armed with the technology that leads us to the solution.

The search for ways help more people live better never really ends, but at GE, our healthymagination will continue to evolve as the scope of healthcare expands. Because as critical as our field is, the best days are the ones we can say with confidence “its nothing serious.”

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